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ROSEMARY. Essential oil.

ROSEMARY. Essential oil.

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If what you need is stimulus, energy, activation or even creativity are in luck we present our so -called "Western ginseng", rosemary essential oil.

Its innumerable properties and uses make it a first -order essential oil. And they already say it: from the rosemary an entire book!

How to get rosemary essential oil

Romero essential oil is obtained by distillation of flowering sumities. Its exit aroma is strong, remembering camphor, ending with sweet and veryy notes. Despite having very developed female properties, the predominant character of the rosemary is masculine.

Properties and benefits of rosemary essential oil

This fresh floral quality exercises a regulation on the body, helping balance in it. At the same time its predominant character Increase our energy, the Mental and sensory faculties, as the capacity of concentration.

Being a great general toning, it will help us to mobilize fat, fluid retention, to the activation of the circulation and as a eliminator of toxins.

It also brings a Antirreumatic and anti -inflammatory effect, fighting pain and muscle cramps.

In the skin, it is a general antiseptic for blows and wounds. Ideal for tissue inflammation, such as acne.

Strengthens weak hair, as in cases of alopecia, in addition to acting as anticaspa.

Most used properties

But the most used properties in rosemary with cineol chemotype are respiratory conditions, in the treatment of colds, flu or asthma.

TheRomero Essential Oil With sor vigorizing and energetic action will give us mental clarity, enthusiasm, concentration, creativity ...

The essential oil of rosemary will clear your lungs and bronchi, but it will also allow you to advance freeing you from laziness and mental fatigue.

Get him Romero Essential Oil And you will feel the energy that will take you to action in your day to day.


Made with 100% Natural Essential Oils

How to use?

With essential oils, avoid contact with sensitive areas.

Serums with oils can only be applied at night.



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