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MANDARIN. Essential oil.

MANDARIN. Essential oil.

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Mandarin essential oil proven properties I checked for myself on October

The first time I really experienced mandarin was on a not very good day for me.

I woke up thinking about this essence and as I had well studied that I helped connect with joy, I told myself: today it is time to smell Mandarina !!

Everything that can tell you would not correspond to the brutal change of mood that I "suffered" on that day.

In the afternoon I already looked like another person and saw the circumstances that led me to be on a downturn, in another totally different way.

Essence of mandarin esoteric properties?

I don't know if you can consider esoteric what made me feel the tangerine that day, I only know that my day changed completely

What was insurmountable on the previous day, became a stumbling block that could face perfectly.

I will not get tired of telling you and inviting you to experience yourself with aromatherapy, you will always surprise you. From that day that it is not very distant, I owe a post to the essence of mandarin.

Its sweet flavor makes mandarin one of the most appreciated and consumed fruits.

Already Napoleon Bonaparte 

Its origin is China and the fruit is known since ancient times, and its name was offered to be offered as a gift to the mandarins. It currently exists throughout the world, being predominant in the Mediterranean basin.

Its perfume connects us to childhood. Mandarin symbolizes joy, playful energy and lightness of children

In fact it is an oil that we can use during pregnancy and breastfeeding without any problem.

Mandarin Essential Oil Properties

It is considered essence because it is extracted from the expression of the shell of its fruit not by steam distillation. This way of obtaining allows us not to alter the composition of the essence at all.

It belongs to the family of routaceae that encompass 7 sub-family such as orange, lemon, the grapefruit ... This family has the peculiarity that its trees can give different essential oils or essences depending on which part are extracted.

If the essential oil is extracted by vapor distillation from the leaves, we will obtain petit grain orange, mandarin, lemon ... and if it is extracted by expression of the peel from its fruit we will obtain essence of orange, tangerine ...

In the case of Naranjo there is a third essential oil that is obtained by vapor distillation from the flowers of this tree and gives us the wonderful Neroli essential oil so appreciated in aromatherapy.

Mandarin Essential Oil Properties

  • In Ayurveda it is used to reduce Pitta and Kapha. I recommend that you use it more in spring and summer especially if your dosha predominant is any of these two.
  • It has a high content in Limonene (65-94%) that gives it unparalleled anti-stress properties
  • Is used for regulate the sebaceous gland In case of acne or seborrhea
  • It is photosensitizer Because it contains furocumarins, so its use is prohibited if you are going to expose yourself to the sun.
  • It is a regulator of the CNC, sedative and relaxing. Very used in insomnia, stress, anguish….
  • In smelling is used to connect with the inner child, with his joy and with his connection with the present moment.
  • For its sweet and refreshing aroma, It is widely used to “cover” other odors not so pleasant thanks to its antiseptic properties.

Baby tangerine essential oil

4 main uses of mandarin essence

  • In case of insomnia, stress or excessive nervousness: Disseminate in the environment every day 6 drops of tangerine and add 3 drops to a tablespoon of almond oil and treat chest, solar plexus and inner face of the arms.
  • To refresh the juices or smoothies of the whole family, add 1 drop to each glass that you prepare and enjoy the flavor

Mandarin Essential Oil Properties

  • In hyperactive children or who are facing important changes As a separation of the parents, the arrival of a little brother, a change of school, etc: to spread in the environment 6 drops in the room half an hour before bedtime and add 3 drops to the bath water along with 3 drops of almond oil . You can also mix 3 drops with 1 tablespoon of almond oil and give your child or baby, a feet massage before sleeping.
  • Whenever you want to connect with joy, when problems seem too much to face, when you need mental relaxation to make a decision: Smells tangerine by adding 6 drops to the diffuser or in an aromatic strip, get down in mandarin adding 6 drops together with vegetable oil to the bathtub and prepare a vegetable oil with tangerine to apply to the chest, solar plexus and inner face of the arms

The tangerine essence has more uses but if you incorporate it in these 4 ways, you will notice the benefits immediately.

Mandin essential oil with diverse properties for the body and mind. An essential balm.

The first privilege you will obtain will be the smell so refreshing and euphorizing.

I experience with the tangerine and assure you that it will not leave you indifferent.


Made with 100% Natural Essential Oils

How to use?

With essential oils, avoid contact with sensitive areas.

Serums with oils can only be applied at night.



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