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LAUREL. Essential oil.

LAUREL. Essential oil.

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Laurel essential oil is attributed numerous medicinal properties:

  • It is considered a Valuable anti -infection, perfect to protect ourselves from bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.
  • Their anti -inflammatory and antispasmodic properties They are considered help to relieve joint pain and muscles.
  • It is a great nervous tonic That helps out of lethargy and apathy, moves away physical and nervous tiredness, favors concentration and stimulates memory.

As soon as we smell the laurel essential oil we perceive its stimulating and refreshing aroma, that clears the mind and lungs. Leave a feeling of cleanliness and vitality.

It is especially indicated for those who seek renewed inspiration And they want to feel more intuitive. It provides self -confidence, motivation and value to carry out any creative and innovative project.

For all this the laurel is a valuable partner in adverse times or when we have to overcome any test. It is ideal to face exams with Serenity and trust. It stimulates the will, concentration, mental abilities and memory.

7 ways to use it

These are some of the most common uses of laurel essential oil, with recommendations on how to use it in aromatherapy.

1. For joints or painful muscles

Laurel's essential oil could be One of the great friends of athletes. Its anti -inflammatory and antispasmodic properties will relieve any articulation or musculature pain.

  1. They mix 3 drops of essential oil With a teaspoon of dessert of Arnica oil.
  2. It is applied in the affected area and the application is repeated after half an hour.
  3. If necessary, two or three more applications are made.

2. Before speaking in public to be calmer

Laurel essential oil is very valuable for overcome scenic fear. Your aroma not only invites you to speak more ease but you may even enjoy your exhibition.

  1. In a 5 ml roll-on, they put themselves 15 drops of essential oil and is filled with vegetable oil of Jojoba.
  2. It is applied en the dolls and behind the ears As if it were a perfume.

Start using the roll-on A few days before your exhibition As many times as you want.

3. To prevent colds

Thank you to your antiviral and immunostimulants properties You can use it preventive during autumn and winter months.

  1. In the morning, they apply 2 drops of essential oil with 4 drops of vegetable oil on the wrists and neck.
  2. Another application is made throughout the day, but preferably before five in the afternoon.

In case of cold, up to 5 daily applications can be made.

4. To prevent spots or sores in the mouth

Laurel's essential oil is probably the best natural option to get rid of the aputas. It applies 1 drop of essential oil directly on the sore.

If it is very strong You can dilute with a little olive oil.

To prevent AFTAS can be made regularly rinse with 2 drops of diluted essential oil with a spoon of sesame vegetable oil. The oil is kept in the mouth at least 5 minutes, it is spit in a kitchen paper and the mouth is rinsed with warm water.

5. To stimulate memory and concentration and feel with energy

In times of study, or when you feel that stress is affecting your ability to memorize, laurel essential oil can be used In a diffuser or apply a couple of drops in a paper handkerchief and smell it regularly while studying.

6. For fatigue and apathy

Laurel essential oil is especially indicated to fight tiredness and apathy. Help to recover energy and the desire to do.

  1. 4 drops are diluted of essential oil in a tablespoon of vegetable oil
  2. A is applied self -driving In the arms, neck, feet and neck.

7. For skin with acne

Thanks to its antibacterial and anti -inflammatory properties, laurel essential oil is very effective in combating acne. Mix the following ingredients:

  • 19 ml of aloe vera gel
  • 10 ml of jojoba vegetable oil
  • 20 drops of Laurel essential oil

Stir well before using and apply a small amount in the affected area Tomorrow and night.


Laurel essential oil has no contraindications or toxicity as long as the dosages and recommended forms of use are respected.

It is preferable to avoid its use during First trimester of pregnancy.


Made with 100% Natural Essential Oils

How to use?

With essential oils, avoid contact with sensitive areas.

Serums with oils can only be applied at night.



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