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FENNEL. Essential oil.

FENNEL. Essential oil.

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Fennel is an aromatic plant originally from the southern zone of the Mediterranean basin. Its leaves are very thin and soft, which may seem hair and that give off an aniseed aroma when rubbing them. It blooms in the middle of summer and its flowers, arranged in Umbels, take a beautiful yellow color and also contain essence.

The fruits, once mature, are green-yellow, of the color of the hay, from which the common denomination of this plant in several Latin languages, since in Latin, hay is phenum (hay-hinojo, fencon-fonoll).

It belongs to the Botanical Family of the Apiaceas, previously called Umbelifers, for the already commented of the flowers.

It is cultivated mainly to obtain their seeds, which are usually marketed dry and are a good source of nutrients, especially minerals (potassium, phosphorus, sodium and calcium) and vitamin C.

Fennel is consumed in a traditional way both fresh, in salads, as in soups or infusions, for its digestive properties and its sweet aroma. Even in meat stews, olives or liquor preparation!

Sweet fennel essential oil

Sweet fennel essential oil is characterized by an anisada fragrance, sweet, similar to green anise or star anise. This is because all these oils contain a high amount of trans-anetol, a molecule belonging to the biochemical family of the terpenic ethers with an excellent antispasmodic activity.

In the case of the sweet fennel, the essential oil obtained from the seeds, it usually contains between 80-95% trans-Anetol, while the bitter has between 50-75%.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the anetol can occur in two isomeric forms, the CIS- and the trans-, the latter being the predominant in natural essential oils and also less toxic than the CIS-.

Another important difference is the content in Fenchona, a ketone that presents a risk of neurotoxicity and whose percentage in the sweet fennel AE is much lower than that of the bitter, being therefore much safer.

On the other hand, if the whole plant Sweet fennel, the resulting essential oil contains a high amount of furocumarins, which are photosensitizers, which must avoid direct exposure to the sun after application.

So it is essential that the suppliers carry out the appropriate analytical controls to know exactly the composition of the essential fennel oil and offer us the maximum quality and safety guarantees.

Therapeutic properties and indications


One of the main activities of fennel essential oil is to inhibit spasms at the neuromuscular level. In fact, various studies show an anticholinergic activity.

Some authors position it among the most powerful oils such as antispasmodics, along with basil and hardware. So here we have a good alternative as long as we do not have more data about the possible carcinogenesis of these two oils.

We can apply it diluted in black cumin oil, or hyperician macerate or in an arnic cream, to enhance anti -inflammatory activity, 2 - 3 drops in the cream dose.

Black cumin plant oil combined with the essential oil of a tarragon will be of choice in case of spasmodic spasmodic bronchitis associated with an asthma crisis.


Fennel essential oil favors digestion, inhibits intestinal fermentations and stimulates the expulsion of gases, so it results from choice in those people who usually suffer from swelling after meals, or incorporate a lot of air when eating and then suffer abdominal distension and pain (aerophagia) or even meteorism (gas accumulated at the intestinal level).

We can take 2 drops in a teaspoon of olive oil, before meals, to prevent these alterations if we are prone, or, a posteriori, when we need it (after a copious meal, drink of drinks with gas that we do not usually drink, etc.).

Likewise, it stimulates intestinal transit and exerts a slight diuretic effect.


Trans-Anetol has an estrogen-mimetic activity so that it is interesting as a regulator of the menstrual and facilitator of menstruation (emenagogue effect).

Adding the antispasmodic properties explained above, the essential fennel oil will be a great ally to relieve menstrual pain, reduce abdominal swelling and favor a fluid and clot rule.

Apply by massaging in the Belly 2 drops mixed in 4 - 5 drops of vegetable oil (sweet almonds, apricot nut, sesame), 2 - 3 times a day, starting the days before the rule.

It would not be advised in case of very abundant rules, metorria or endometriosis.


Fennel has been used in infusion, traditionally for many years, to favor galactogenesis (milk formation in the mammary gland), thus supporting breastfeeding can be given to breastfeeding in case of little production.

Sweet fennel essential oil can be recommended as follows: 1 drop in a tablespoon of olive oil, under the tongue, only in the morning, preferably fasting.

Anti -infectious

In addition, this essential oil has shown to be effective in the face of various types of bacteria and yeasts, among which they stand out Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa either Candida Albicans.

It has also been observed that it is capable of inhibiting the Simple Herpes virus type 1.

Its repellent mosquito properties have also been studied, being effective against common mosquito, Pipiens Culex and larvicides of the same Pipiens Culex and of Anopheles Stephensi, a malaria transmitter.


Contraindicated during pregnancy, in case of estrogen-dependent cancer pathologies and oral via in children under 6 years.

Prolonged use and topical application without diluting or extensively are advised.

Let's not forget hydrolate

If we prefer a softer option of fennel, we can opt for hydrolate.

  • 10 drops in a glass of water, in case of gases or bad digestion.
  • 1 tablespoon in 1 liter of water, to drink during the day, as a soft and adjuvant purification of antiallergic treatments.


Made with 100% Natural Essential Oils

How to use?

With essential oils, avoid contact with sensitive areas.

Serums with oils can only be applied at night.



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