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PEPPERMINT. Essential oil.

PEPPERMINT. Essential oil.

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The peppermint is a native perennial plant of the Southwest Asian and Europe, whose exact origin is a mystery due to its crop so early in history.

Belonging to gender Mentha And today the oldest member of this group, is its elongated leaves with the shape of a pica that give rise to its botanical name, Mentha Spicata.

From the hybridization of this plant and the aquatic mint is obtained peppermint, one of the most commercially important aromatic herbs due to its High mentol concentration.

The fresh aroma of the peppermint, more Soft and sweet That that of piperita mint, added to its high resistance, make this aromatic herb one of the favorites for particular cultivation and its culinary use, being the main element in the elaboration of cocktails such as the Mojito. It is also used notoriously in the India cuisine, where is widely used in Salas, salads, teas

Although it enjoys great popularity as a seasoning, the uses of peppermints go much further. The properties of this plant have beneficiary of humanity for thousands of years, and continue to do so today through the applications of their essential oil.


Made with 100% Natural Essential Oils

How to use?

With essential oils, avoid contact with sensitive areas.

Serums with oils can only be applied at night.



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